With over 12 years of industry experience, Claire Garrard of Leading Edge Personal Training has combined all of her expertise in the industry and put together the ultimate fitness boot camp. Motivated and dedicated to ensure each and every participant achieves their ultimate fitness goal to become leaner, fitter, stronger, and healthier.


Body Blitz Bootcamp is a 10 week outdoor full body course which will challenge everyone in a friendly group environment. Catering for all fitness levels from seasoned athletes, to soon to be ex-couch potatoes, this program has been specifically designed to achieve maximum results using fun and functional training methods. From interval training, kettle bells, weights, medicine balls, boxing and more, each session is different but designed to keep you energised, challenged and engaged throughout the 14 week program.


With improved all round health and wellbeing, Claire promises that you will come away from the program with an overall sense of achievement.


With three sessions weekly, this Bootcamp promises to have you in peak fitness condition in no time at all! Remember, the more you train the faster the results!


Start date Monday 14th October 2019 


Tuesday 6-7pm held at Wamberal Public School


Thursday BOXING ONLY 9.30-10.30am held at Wamberal Park



Pricing for 10 weeks

1 x Week=$165

2 x Week=$300

Unlimited =$390


Course start date- Monday 14th October 2019

The course will run for 10 weeks

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The most effective way to lose serious KGs in minimal time!

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